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If you are in immediate danger, please dial 911.

For support and information, find your local sexual assault service.

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Sexual Assault Centres Need More Funding to Meet Demand


Sexual violence is a public health crisis of epidemic proportions.

More people are talking about sexual violence and seeking help than ever before. Sexual assault centres are struggling to meet the needs of Albertans. Last year new counselling clients increased by an average of 53% across the province – and that was before the massive #MeToo movement.

This is a positive development, yet requires immediate action to meet the growing need for services.

Sexual assault service providers in Alberta need more funding to address this public health crisis.

AASAS and its member agencies provide services that are: identifiable specifically as “sexual assault” services; specialized; evidence based; offered to survivors as well as their support networks; provided by qualified professionals to survivors of all gender identities; and accessible across the life span.

This continuum of services includes: service coordination and collaboration, crisis intervention, counselling, education, outreach, volunteer support, and police and court support. Together these service areas provide a seamless and coordinated response to sexual violence.

You can help survivors of sexual violence by donating to your local sexual assault support provider and: 

Visit the Government of Alberta budget feedback page on their website and let them know that funding for specialized sexual assault centres is important to you. (Available until February 9, 2018)

Write to your MLA and urge them to support additional funding to sexual assault centres in Alberta.
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Share! Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the need for increased financial support for specialized sexual assault centres. Use the hashtags #SupportSurvivorsAB and #ABLeg.

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Sexual assault survivors should not have to wait for counselling services in Alberta. Sexual Assault Centres need funding to manage increased demand for services – up 53% in one year! #SupportSurvivorsAB #ABleg @aasasmembership

I support increased funding to meet increased demand for Sexual Assault Centres in Alberta. No one who experienced #sexualassault should have to wait for counselling sessions. #SupportSurvivors #ABLeg @aasasmembership

Sexual violence is a public health crisis & sexual assault centres need resources to meet demand – up 53% in one year! #SupportSurvivorsAB #ABLeg @aasasmembership