Sexual Violence Action Plan

A four-priority strategic action plan established by AASAS to keep Alberta free from sexual abuse and sexual assault.

Working Collaboratively for an Alberta Free of Sexual Violence

For over forty years, communities in Alberta, led by community based sexual assault centres, have pioneered the development of sexual violence services. Joined in partnership with the Government of Alberta in 2004, the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS) continues to strive to ensure that all Albertans affected by sexual violence have access to healing and recovery programs, services and support.

The following Alberta Sexual Violence Action Plan is the result of over forty years of front-line experience, research, and best practices addressing sexual violence in Alberta. The plan was developed by the AASAS network but it belongs to all Albertans. We are all responsible for creating an Alberta free of sexual violence.

Keeping our vision of an Alberta free from sexual abuse and sexual assault, AASAS has established the following four strategic priorities for its sexual violence action plan:

  • Strong leadership and accountability
    • Addressing the complex and prevalent issue of sexual violence will require a collective approach that includes enhanced leadership and accountability by all key stakeholders.
  • Effective prevention strategies
    • A comprehensive sexual violence prevention education strategy is the key to changing attitudes and changing behaviors. A multi-faceted approach to address prevention on several levels is required to create a fundamental shift in societal attitudes.
  • Effective outreach strategies
    • Sexual violence affects everyone. It is imperative that prevention, intervention, and treatment services are made available to all Albertans.
  • Enhanced intervention
    • An effective response to sexual violence requires that all services are specialized and identifiable and are delivered within a collaborative, coordinated, and multidisciplinary framework. 

Sexual violence is a complex issue with no easy solutions. Important changes, such as those outlined in this plan will take time, commitment, and resources from all stakeholders. But we are confident in the commitment of Albertans and that together we can end sexual violence in our communities.

Alberta Sexual Violence Action Plan