At work, little moments make a big difference.

Building positive and respectful workplace cultures.

#momentsmatter is a three year, province-wide campaign that celebrates Alberta leaders who are taking a personal role in building positive and respectful workplace cultures that promote healthy and safe workplaces – and help stop sexual harassment.

Despite efforts, sexual harassment remains a problem in Canadian workplaces. According to AASAS’s own research, in Alberta 1 in 5 workers have been sexually harassed by someone.

The Missing Link: Workplace Culture

Most people understand that workplace culture is the key to employee health and safety, team success, and job performance. But a positive and respectful culture is also an important defence against sexual harassment.

Sharing #momentsmatter Stories

Through simple, relatable stories, #momentsmatter is showing Alberta leaders how easy it can be to strengthen and grow positive workplace cultures that help people feel safe and supported, help them grow and succeed – and help stop sexual harassment.

Sharing good work stories is the best way to create more of them – leading to safer, healthier, more inclusive, and more productive Alberta workplaces.

How to Participate

For more information, and how to join the campaign, go to momentsmatter.info.

We know that no workplace is perfect. By working together, we can all get better…And it’s never too late to start.