Survivors of sexual violence in Alberta need your help.

The Issue

A persistent, ongoing increase in demand for specialized sexual assault services spiked in 2017 with a massive culture shift linked to the global #MeToo movement and Alberta’s own #IBelieveYou campaign, and increased yet again due to the pandemic.

The growing number of Albertans asking for help has resulted in wait times for trauma counselling that exceed one year in some parts of the province. 

Any wait is unacceptable and can have devastating impacts on survivors.

“Some of the other men I met in group counselling were just barely functioning. You could just see in their eyes they’re defeated. So, when I imagine people like myself and these men waiting for a year or more for counselling it makes me feel fearful. Not all survivors are as lucky as I am, not all of us have the strength to hang on. The reality is that not all of us will make it.” Neil

“Not all survivors are as lucky as I am, not all of us have the strength to hang on. The reality is that not all of us will make it.”

The Solution

AASAS, on behalf of sexual assault services across Alberta, requested ongoing, sustainable funding from the Alberta Government to:

  • decrease the counselling wait lists;
  • address the increasingly complex needs of survivors;
  • help survivors to access justice, and
  • provide school-based and community-based prevention programs so we can keep our communities safe.

These four recommendations for enhanced resources will help address the needs of survivors and make progress towards ending sexual violence in our province.

“When you have a trauma-informed therapist, you don’t have to painstakingly relive the worst day of your life over and over again in order to get help. To be believed, and understood, right from the beginning of my treatment made all the difference in the world.”

What Can You Do?

Spread the word by sharing social media content with the hashtag #SupportSurvivorsAB

Contact your MLA and let them know sustainably funding specialized sexual assault support services is a priority.

“On behalf of all survivors across Alberta – who are your friends, coworkers and family members – I ask you to contact your provincial government representative and let them know that they deserve recovery and healing services, they deserve justice, they deserve to be heard and supported. Encourage your MLA to make sexual violence prevention, and the health of Alberta communities a priority by providing adequate and sustainable funding to our sexual assault services.”
Deb Tomlinson, CEO of AASAS
Stylized drawing of seven people, all without clear facial features and of diverse backgrounds and genders, one woman is in a wheelchair. They are holding a banner and signs saying: We found the courage to tell. We shouldn't have to wait a year for support. Support Survivors AB, and Fund Alberta's Sexual Assault Support Services.