Our Members

Information about our members, membership options and collaboratives

Support Network

There are fifteen AASAS members in Alberta providing specialized and distinct core sexual assault services to individuals, families and communities across the province of Alberta.

Find the support nearest you on the map or by contacting Alberta’s One Line for Sexual Violence. Call or text 1-866-403-8000, or use chat box below. 

*Edmonton and Lethbridge have several different services available – zoom in on the map to see them all.

Membership Options

Membership in the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services can be either Full Membership or Associate Membership, and begins in the year beginning the month of April and ending March of the following year.

Full Member

A Full Member is an organization, collaborative (see collaborative section below) or program that, in the opinion of the Board, meets all of the following qualifications:

  1. Is established as a society or not-for-profit corporation under an Alberta statute, or is a government program or service.
  2. Operates only in Alberta, with the exception of Lloydminster.
  3. Provides at least two (2)* of the core services.
  4. Supports the purpose and objects of the Association.
  5. Pays the annual membership fees for a Full Member.
  6. Appoints two (2) individuals as Voting Designates, as provided for in Article 3.5.4 which reads: Each Full Member appoints two (2) Voting Designates. Only one (1) Voting Designate may be a Paid Staff Member of the Full Member.

*The eight (8) core services are: Coordination and Collaboration, Crisis Response, Counselling, Education and Awareness, Police and Court Support, Outreach, Volunteers and Offender Services. The core services are direct, specialized and identifiable services for survivors and/or victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

Associate Member

An Associate Member is any Person or Organization who:

  1. Supports the purpose and objects of the Association
  2. Is a corporation or an Individual over the age of eighteen (18)
  3. Pays the annual membership fee for an Associate Member
  4. Employees of AASAS may become Associate Members

Information on Collaboratives

A collaborative refers to two or more not-for-profit organizations or government departments offering at least two (2) core services. A collaborative must have a minimum of one (1) paid staff member whose primary function is to provide sexual assault programs or services. The collaborative must have worked together for a minimum of twelve (12) months prior to applying for membership.

* Note: If applying as a collaborative, the collaborative does not need to be a legal entity; however they must have two or more societies or government program/services as part of their membership who are accountable to the collaborative.

In order to be considered for membership, your beliefs must be in alignment with the AASAS vision, mission and core values. Furthermore, you must meet the criteria for membership as established by the bylaws, and supplemented by the Board in Policy and show a strong desire to further the objectives of the Association.

Upon submission of the Membership Application form, an internal review process by the Board will determine membership eligibility.

For more information on membership requirements or to obtain a membership application form, please contact us, or call 403-237-6905 extension 3.