Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services

If you are in immediate danger, please dial 911.

For support and information, find your local sexual assault service.

If you think your activities are being monitored, find a safe computer that someone abusive does not have direct or remote access to. Click here to learn how to delete your browser history.

Fact Sheets

The Facts

Access quick facts and statistics surrounding sexual assault and sexual abuse here.
  • Myths & Realities

    Myths about sexual abuse and assault are prevalent in our cultures and communities. Deeply engrained false beliefs about sexual assault and sexual abuse directly affect us all. Though many of these false beliefs about sexual abuse and sexual assault serve the purpose of creating a false sense of safety, they can cause further harm in several ways: by contributing to societal denial of the issue; can create self-blame for those who have been abused; can help those who sexually abuse to continue to do so by creating an environment where the shame and stigma associated with sexual abuse perpetuate the silence that accompanies it; and myths can reduce the chance that those who sexually assault or abuse others will be detected, reported and persecuted. This document debunks common sexual assault myths through facts, research and information.

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  • Women, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

    This document contains key facts surrounding women and the issue of sexual abuse and sexual assault in Canada.

    (PDF 243.21 KB)
  • Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

    This document contains infromation on what is sexual abuse and sexual assault: definitions, risk, prevalence and impacts.

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  • Males and Sexual Abuse/Assault

    This document contains facts and information on sexual assault and sexual abuse against men and boys.

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  • Children and Sexual Abuse

    This document contains information and the facts surrounding child sexual abuse.

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